Spice mixture

We offer blends and seasonings for meat industry and other mixtures such as Pul Biber and Chili powder.

Pul Biber is the Turkish name for a mixture of spicy pepper flakes, spices, salt, vegetable oil and spice extracts. It is used in Turkish restaurants and kebabs.

Chili powder or chili powder blends is prepared from the grinding of dried fruits of one or more varieties of peppers, mixed with spices like cumin, oregano, garlic and salt. It is used to add pungency (spiciness) and smell to different Mexican dishes, Indian, Chinese or Korean.

Packaging of our spice blends can be with our brand, Fenix Spices, or the customer, in different formats:

  • Big-bags from 500 Kg to 1.000 Kg.
  • 25 Kg raffia with PE inner sheath.
  • 25 Kg of paper with PE inner sheath.
  • 25 Kg PE with PE inner sheath.
  • ​Sacks, 10 and 5 kg of raffia or aluminized.
Chili Powder

Chili Powder

Pul Biber

Pul Biber